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Thursday, February 24, 2022

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Terry Klein album release party!

“Terry Klein has the poet’s heart ” – Rodney Crowell

“Terry Klein’s songs bring me into his world, they make the crossing from one heart to another with ease. Close your eyes, give a listen, and let his songs take you on a ride. It’s a beautiful journey.” – Mary Gauthier

“A true songwriter, and a true craftsman” – Walt Wilkins

“Klein sings with a trusted gravitas and polished reflection reminiscent of Guy Clark and Steve Earle.” – Glide Magazine

Good Luck, Take Care is the third record from Austin-based songwriter Terry Klein. This early contender for album of the year almost didn’t happen. Klein says of the making of the record:

“There’s a lot of consternation in songwriter circles these days about whether to make records or release singles or put up YouTube videos or what. It’s easy to get tied up in those knots. It’s also easy to get tied up in knots about what producer to hire and why and whether to chase label support. I got tied up in all of those knots and when you add in the standard-issue artist sensitivity, I was damn near paralyzed. So I feel very deeply fortunate that I found my way to Thomm Jutz in early September of 2021. We talked on the phone for about an hour and six weeks laterI found myself in Nashville.We tracked and mixed the record over the next four days. There wasn’t a lot of overdubbing and there was no agonizing or over-analyzing, a small miracle for a person with my disposition.”

And the result is different. It’s more raw and visceral and immediate, with electric guitars and drums played with sticks, than what Klein has done before. The songwriting that Terry has become known for shines on this album, regardless of the sonic path each track took in the studio. From the rocking “60 in a 75” and “Salinas” to the more acoustic sounding “The Goldfinch” and “Does The Fish Feel The Knife”, Kein’s ability to craft characters, connect to the human condition, and take listeners inside of a story is front and center on Good Luck, Take Care. Klein is able to drill down and deliver amazing songs using what he describes as “music of normal human language”. A folk hero like Nascar driver Dick Trickle, a father struggling to explain the world to his daughter, a woman finding an unlikely way out of a terrible situation, and a man who marries into an inescapable one all come alive on this album in a way that would not be possible in less adept songwriting hands.  All of this is masterfully performed and captured by Jutz and the band he put together to make this album in an astonishing 4 days of studio and mixing time.

More than happy with the end results, Klein explains what he feels is the heart of the album process, “For me, making albums is about taking the ten best songs you’ve written and recording them with a good band and seeing what happens. What ended up happening here is pretty cool, but that’s just my biased opinion.”

This is not a record you will have to “try” to like. It’s a record that will demand to be listened to over and over again.

  1. 60 in a 75 (3:26)
  2. Does The Fish Feel The Knife (3:27)
  3. The Salt (4:13)
  4. The Ballad of Dick Trickle (3:10)
  5. The Goldfinch (2:58)
  6. Salinas (4:27)
  7. The Woman Who Was Lost in The Flood (4:14)
  8. Such a Town (3:39)
  9. Cheryl (5:11)
  10. What You Lose Along The Way (4:00)

All Songs FCC Clean

All Songs written by Terry Klein Except The Salt written by Terry Klein and Jackson Emmer Produced by Thomm Jutz

Photo Credit : Valerie Fremin

About Terry Klein :

Terry Klein is a performing songwriter, yes, but he’s also worked in factories, in hospitals, as a political operative, and tried cases as a lawyer in state and federal courts. He’s lived on both coasts and lots of places in between and been to 49 of the 50 United States. He reads a lot and he likes to go to art museums. He watches sports when he can, though he’s a little furtive about that. In his writing and on stage he attempts to mollify a relentless inner voice that says mean, unforgiving things to himself that he’d never say to anyone else ever.

Terry’s made three records. The first two, Great Northern and Tex, were produced by Texas folk hero Walt Wilkins in Austin, Texas and garnered praise from Mary Gauthier and Rodney Crowell and press and radio outlets across the United States and Europe.

For his third album, Terry went to Nashville and worked with producer and multi-instrumentalist Thomm Jutz. Recorded over a few breakneck days in October 2021, it’s called Good Luck, Take Care and it’s a raw, visceral departure from the work he’s done before. Ten dynamic songs that take hold from the first measure, knock you off balance, and won’t let go without a fight.

Terry has played in some of the most hallowed rooms in the singer-songwriter business: Club Passim, The Bluebird, The Blue Light, The Saxon Pub, Anderson Fair, to name a few. He also played in a heavy metal band in Los Angeles a couple of lifetimes ago, thrashing around on the grimy, storied stages like the Troubadour and the Whiskey A Go Go.

He has two daughters who are measurably, demonstrably smarter than he is (and gaining ground every day). He’s married to noted badass Lindsay Sobel. They all live in Austin, Texas. Anything else you want to know, you’ll have to ask him yourself.


Terry Klein

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