Our Mission

Our feet are rooted in the soil; our gaze is skyward.

Coffee has a storied past, full of rich traditions, shrouded in legend, and deeply interwoven into the last millenium of the human narrative.

At the same time, the coffee industry is a haven for some of the most resourceful, collaborative, and innovative minds on the planet. Those in the specialty coffee world are teammates in the constant pursuit of growth, discovery, and improvement – from the farm to the roastery to the café.



Our mission is to draw from this world of mindful rootedness and brave exploration to bring you the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.


We source our green coffee from direct-trade partners who are not only paying fair prices to the farmers, but who are also giving back to further develop the farms from whom they purchase.

In addition to choosing partners who have sustainable business practices, we are also mindful of the environmental impact of ours. We’ve opted to package our coffee in steel/tin cans, which are infinitely recyclable (and re-usable, too! Show up to the roastery for a refill and we’ll give you a discount for re-using your cans.)


We are constantly dreaming, researching, testing, and producing newer and better products. From pursuing the best single-origins you can find, to fine-tuning the perfect espresso blends, to experimenting with barrel-aging and other unorthodox bean treatments, you can be certain we’ve always got something new we’re working on. If you’re ready to see what we’ve discovered, visit the shop. If you’re the curious type, find out where we got our name.