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DRMF September Spotlight Series- Jordan Nix

Saturday, October 22, 2022


Jordan Nix is a singer/songwriter out of College Station, TX. Jordan began playing shows when he was 18, and has released 2 solo EPs and 1 full length album with his band, formerly known as, “Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers”. The self titled album “Happier Than Normal” was named Number 4 album of the year by Texas Music Pickers in 2018, and their debut single “Gas Station Flowers” won single of the year as well. Nix and his band are still together and love to bring their energy to the stage. In November of 2019 Jordan Nix and his band won the Chilifest Battle of the Bands and will be playing the Mainstage at Chilifest in 2020, as well as releasing a new album during the first of the year.

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Jordan Nix