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Jaimee Harris

Saturday, January 28, 2023



“Jaimee Harris’ Red Rescue Is The Debut Of The Year And The Arrival Of A Major New Figure In Americana”Americana Highways

“Red Rescue may be a debut record, but this is the work of an artist of considerable maturity and sophistication. She has already produced a work of art that far surpasses what most musicians ever will. This could very well mark the arrival of one of the major figures in the next generation of Americana artists.”Americana Highways

“…there’s no doubting Red Rescue heralds the arrival of a major new Austin singer-songwriter.”Peter Blackstock, Austin American Statesman

“One of the best releases this year.”Lonesome Highway

“She’s quick to pay homage to her musical heroes but Jaimee Harris is her own person, with her own voice. She’s got a natural songwriter’s instinct for the hard truths, and a voice that brings them home with a visceral punch. Pay attention.”Gretchen Peters

“There’s so much passion in Jaimee’s voice that you just want to climb inside it and hang out there forever. She is unafraid to channel the dark side of her own being… the woundedness is there, as well as the strength required to overcome it and redeem us all. That’s what good music can do.”Eliza Gilkyson

“My number one from AmericanaFest is Jaimee Harris. I’m obsessed with [Depressive State] right now.”Ann Powers, NPR

“Rarely is a young artist tasked with so much to prove and live up to on their debut. Then again, rarer still are debut albums like this one, which sounds a lot more like a mid-career breakthrough on the level of Car Wheels on a Gravel Road than a tentative first step.Yes, it really is that damn good.”Lone Star Music Magazine

Jaimee’s new album, Boomerang Town will be out on Thirty Tigers on February 17, 2023.


Jaimee Harris