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Jamey Creates

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

8:00 PM


In early 2022 Jamey Clayberg (working professionally as Jamey Creates) set out to write an album that would speak to and also heal him from the chaos the last few years had brought. Global pandemics, cultural and political upheaval, and future-sensitive anxiety are all present in Let The Brave Go Alone, but they exist as threads woven into what is ultimately a comfortable fabric of soothing, acoustic-focused songs. At first glance the title can read as a statement about fearless solo adventurers, but in reality it’s quite the opposite; these songs say the brave CAN go alone, but let them, leave them to it, we’ll journey together, connected, safer and stronger than we ever could be by ourselves. Ultimately this is an album about how badly we need each other, about how we can only truly heal through our relationships, our connections with one another.


Jamey Creates