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Live Music

Zach Pack & Billy Hartman

Saturday, April 15, 2023

8:00 PM


An Artist has no certain location or even a particular place on this Planet but, when you mention the word “Songwriter” well, sooner than later you’re gonna hear the word “Texas” spoke too. A vast Land that has raised, fueled, & inspired many of the grandest lyricists & poets of our young Nation’s Art History.

Billy Hartman respects that fact & also, accepts his role in it. To be authentic & at times, detrimentally raw & unforgivingly honest.

So, hailin’ from Lipan, Texas & currently “out of Stephenville”, Billy Hartman is that “sound” from your kitchen. No, not the sound of bacon fryin’ or of a fine hobo stew bein’ stirred.

It’s that “sound” of lookin’ off an old porch at sunset baked in dry sweat with a cigarette in your hand a dog & a cold Pearl close to your side.

Like him, shake your head at him or try to love him dearly, Billy Hartman is waitin’ there arms out across the sky to share his art, his love, & his hugs.




Zach Pack

Billy Hartman